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Welcome to the number one health and fitness search engine. Our mission at Compare The Health is to build the bridge between you and your health and fitness goals. Hosting a wide range of specialists from personal trainers, online coaches, dance instructors, sport specific professionals and many more. 

Compare The Health aims to aid you on your journey to improve your mind and body.

Please take your time to view our site and find the right specialist in your area by entering your postcode! If you are looking for an online coach, select online coach under trainer type and all online coaches from around the country will be visible!

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Featured Trainers.

George Davies


Singing up to Compare The Health helped me grow my clientele massively and have access to a wide range of clients requiring my services. Using this website has been a great investment for growing my business.

Chloe Edwards


In an overcrowded market it is often hard to get noticed but advertising my profile on compare the health opened up a world of new possibilities. The website is very efficient and easy to use, allowing me to reach out to potential new clients in less than a minute.

Racheal Price


For a small monthly sum, Compare The Health has tripled my monthly income through using their advertising portal. Before signing up, I struggled with finding the right platform to advertise my services.

Alex Baker


Finding a website which helps me build relationships with new clients has been brilliant. Compare the health does all the hard work for you. The search engine has helped me reach out to clients in my local area.

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