Eric Couturier

Transition Coach & Mentor

Whatever obstacles we come across on our journey, they are openings in disguise, small hurdles to test us and our resilience.

You To Make A Difference

I have been leading, mentoring and coaching people for over 25 years. I am a motivated, enthusing leader with a successful track record of service and product delivery.

This is achieved through professional collaboration and high-level engagement with stakeholders at all levels. I am truly passionate about my work, enjoying all aspects, from the planning to the implementation of delivery to ensure the best service for my clients.



"I believe life is a journey of discovery by learning for oneself and from others."




I have worked with Eric over the last 2 years through our recognition scheme. I have seen first hand his excellent management skills with both his staff and his learners, adapting his approach and style to meet the needs of his audience. 

AD 01/2018


Eric is a resourceful and reliable education professional. He is entrepreneurial and constantly seeks to improve the profitability and productivity of both his operations and the students he supports. 

PR 01/2018


I can heartily recommend Eric for his experience and commitment to assisting with change. He helped me during a difficult life transition with his focus and ability to cut through when you cannot see the woods for the trees. His methods help you work through your own issues and allow you to find your focus naturally establishing both attainable short-term goals and longer term aspirations. He understands the need to address the whole rather than just focusing on narrow issues. His commitment and passion for helping others to reach a positive attitude and achievements is evident. Thank you, Eric  

NB 12/2020


If like me your preconceptions of life coaching is a bit negative read on.

My experience working with Eric was invaluable both to my personal development and my family life. I went to Eric with a variety of issues but after only a few sessions things started making much more sense with his great listening, creative thought processes, positivity, honesty, and genuine care. He helped me to achieve my goals that I set and brought me out of a difficult time, both stronger and with a positive attitude. He took the time to really understand exactly what I wanted and needed to motivate myself and clarify my values and goals. Eric helped me to evaluate and completely change my conceptions of what is important both in family values and my career. I have made more progress in the last 4 weeks than in the last 4 years previously. Asking for Erics help has been one of my best decisions and I highly recommend if you are having any issues or just need help in the day-to-day rat race. I thoroughly recommend that you do the same.

GD 05/2021

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